traces of paths

“The school (through the teacher, school discipline and architecture) makes it possible for the new generation to become attentive to some-thing, that is, to the world. Therefore, the third feature we wish to mention here is that the school makes attentive. In that sense, subject matter or things – disconnected from particular usages and positions – become very real at school. Of course not as a kind of resource, product or any other object that is occupied by and part of a particular economy. The magical event of the school is that it turns matter into some-thing, that is, something to study or to exercise. School then becomes a place and time of inter-esse, and thereby a place where the young generation is not approached as persons who have (specific, individual) needs and wish to choose, but as persons who are exposed to the world and are given the opportunity to become interested in some-thing. The school is not about calculation and choice, but about attention and becoming interested in some-thing.”



(Masschelein, J., & Simons, M. (2013). School: a matter of form. In P. Gielen & P. De Bruyne (Eds.), Teaching art in the neoliberal realm: realism versus cynicism (pp. 69–83). Amsterdam: Valiz.)


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